2 thoughts on “Module 1 feedback for the DOTDeaf project (BSL) – Title of Deaf Language Specialist

  1. I’m excited that the job title is getting properly recognised too. Hooray!
    I enjoy working with Deaf Language Specialists.
    Hilary Dumbrill
    speech and language therapist
    Hamilton Lodge School and College, Brighton

  2. There are many reasons why British Sign Language (BSL) is important. For one, it is the native language of a large number of people in the UK who are deaf or have hearing impairments. BSL is also a vital form of communication for people who may not be able to speak openly, such as those who are shy or have speech impairments. It can also be used as a form of visual communication in noisy or crowded environments where spoken language would be difficult to hear or understand. BSL is also an important part of deaf culture and helps to promote social inclusion. In general, BSL is an important tool for communication and should be respected as a legitimate language. Read another amazing blog: https://lead-academy.org/why-is-british-sign-language-bsl-important

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