DOTDeaf UK workshop 22nd April 2021

Are you a  speech and language therapist (SLT) working with children who use BSL?  

Are you a deaf language specialist (DLS) supporting deaf children to develop BSL? 

Do you work with children who are struggling to develop BSL? 

Would you like to know more about co-working with SLT and DLS colleagues?

The DOTDeaf project (Developing online training with deaf people) will host a free online event from City, University of London. We will tell you about the online course ‘Language Therapy in BSL’ which has six modules. The course is designed for SLTs and DLSs to learn together in written English and BSL.

The workshop is in English and BSL. The day will be facilitated by Joanna Hoskin, Ros Herman, Kate Rowley and Lenka Novakova.

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