DOTDeaf UK workshop – feedback

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the UK workshop. Here is some feedback from the day.

Over 100 people attended the event.

Polls and feedback form

Poll 1 – 78 people completed the poll at the start of the day.

For their workplace, 19 people told us Deaf Language Specialists and Speech and Language Therapists worked together often, 32 told us they sometimes worked together, and 29 told us DLSs and SLTs never worked together.

Poll 2 – 80 people completed the ‘training’ poll. 62/80 people had not had any training in language therapy in BSL.

Feedback form – 60 people completed feedback forms 58/60 wanted to complete the course when it is available.

How do we share ideas about language therapy in BSL? Please comment with ideas of how to build a network!

2 thoughts on “DOTDeaf UK workshop – feedback

  1. I enjoyed to watch all lecture about DOT Deaf, on Zoom with 4 interpreter, hope again in the future with different Topic link with School education for Deaf children

  2. I enjoyed attending the workshop, and would love to attend further workshops that DOT Deaf may create in future. the BSL breakouts were useful too as we can share experience. Best wishes Kimberley

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