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Using Gesture To Identify and Address Early Concerns About Language and Pragmatics by Susan Goldin-Meadow

This paper describes how using gesture can help children develop language. It gives information about how gestures (actions) link to words and signs. Looking at children’s gestures can help us notice how a child’s communication, thinking, and language are developing.

There are ideas about using gesture on pages S281 and S282. The suggestions are in two parts;

1. looking at the child’s gesture to help you understand their development and thinking,

2. using gestures in intervention

You can download the paper from here


Goldin-Meadow, S. (2020). Using gesture to identify and address early concerns about language and pragmatics. Pediatrics, 146(November).

Some questions

Are reading suggestions helpful? Should we post more?

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One thought on “DOTDeaf reading suggestion

  1. The paper on gesture is fascinating. Receiving and responding to young children’s gestures must be important for the child’s emotional development, security and attachment too.
    Heart-warming to read about this research.
    Hilary Dumbrill
    speech and language therapist
    Hamilton Lodge School and College

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