Best practices in Moodle course design

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Michelle Moore, Remote Learner @ Moodlemoot 2011

Michelle provided some invaluable tips on setting up your Moodle module.
Strongly agree with points 3 and 10!

 Top 10 tips!

  1. Don’t use more than 3 font styles. It increases cognitive load for your learners. Students spend to much time processing info.
  2. Maintain consistency.
  3. Don’t use course page for your content, use it as a launchpad..
  4. Make sure you can see one complete topic on the screen and no more.
  5. Don’t be the one doing all the work, create a question creator role, let students create the quiz questions. Let the students collaborate and participate.
  6. Remember the value of logs, a link from a label cannot be shown in reports. Use labels to guide students!
  7. Don’t force constant scrolling
  8. You can wrap resources around images in sections, they don’t have to be huge and take over the page. Consider the different screen sizes students will be looking at.
  9. Build content in books and lessons.
  10. Try out new tools, vary it.
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