Coaching- a new vehicle for education?

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Kathryn Waddington from the School of Health Sciences has been using coaching as a pedagogical technique in the delivery of her masters level module in leadership.

Kathryn’s approach to coaching is influenced by her experience of helping professionals gain insights from systems and psychodynamic theory in order to better understand their own experiences in the workplace. She also uses other coaching perspectives in an integrative way and believes that coaching embodies an enabling relationship between coach and client which is outcome/task focussed in which learning takes place with, from and about each other. She can offer clients support in areas relating to their academic and professional development, change management and transitions.

Kathryn is currently undertaking a Certificate in Coaching Practice course with the i-coach academy in London. The course holds the European Quality Award and is professionally accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). Kathryn’s professional practice as a coach is regulated by the high standards set by the EMCC Code of Ethics.

Listen to Kathryn talking about using coaching in the classroom here:

Kathryn also talks about theory and practice and her new book  “Gossips and organisations” (available from Routeledge 2012) here:

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