Using Adobe connect for remote tutorials

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A bit more of a personal one today. Having had varying degrees of success using Adobe connect in the past I finally bit the bullet and found a volunteer student to do a remote tutorial with. I have to say I rather surprised myself with how successful it was. Prior to the session I uploaded into the chatbox some instructions to get her to run through the audio wizard prior to the session. As we were looking at an essay she had failed I wanted to have that on the screen. However if you do this as a word document it takes over the whole screen and you can’t see any of the adobe connect interface. To get round this I cut and pasted it into a powerpoint. This took quite a long time and was a bit of a hassle for a 2000 word essay, would have been ridiculous to do with any longer work. So if I were to do it again would need to find a better solution. the student logged on at the correct time and even with my lack of experience we quickly got it working. We opted for hands free and didnt get any interference, so after a few minutes it felt as if we were almost talking face to face. We recorded the session so she could then listen to it again at a later date.  The only slight hiccup was my shopping order turning up in the middle of it, however thats what you get for working at home on your day off!!

More importantly this is the feedback I got from the student;

How did you find the experience? —- Really useful once we got the sound sorted, would recommend the student has a print out of the essay so they can take notes of comments given

Was the software easy enough to use? —–As a first time user of this sort of software I found it dead simple to set up last night and then use this morning, the links/instructions were straightforward

Did you find it a positive way to communicate? —— yes I did and more convenient, though it also helped that I knew Lorna 

Anything you didn’t like about it,—– the microphone delay/ feedback but you get used to it quite quickly
Is it something you would want to do again? ——- I would be happy to give it a go again as it saved time and travel to uni


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  1. Rae K

    February 16, 2012 10:11 am

    Really good to see your example of using Adobe to give feedback to students. We have used adobe for online webinars where we can run events and instead of attending participants can be present virtually so adobe connect can be of use in so many ways. Great keep it up.
    I wonder if others have used adobe and have some more examples of how they use it.


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