Curriculum Design and Evaluation Module on the MA Academic Practice

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This module is a masters level in year one of the MA Academic Practice Programme and can be taken as both a module on the programme or as a stand alone module and provides students with 15 credits.

The content of the model focuses on a range of areas that need to be considered both for design and evaluation. These are:

Definitions of curriculum

we discuss those that are published and well known as well as those that participants have and use with their students

Different categories for models and frameworks

We look at a range of models and frameworks that have been used from the traditional product approach where behaviouralism was a focus to more process orientated approaches such as experiential approaches to more recent models of the backward design and domains of learning

Stakeholders that should be involved

We discuss those who should be involved in programmes and how to engage them particularly students


This focuses on how to ensure what employers look for in terms of abilities are included and the careers team provide this session

Curriculum design process

We explore how the design is undertaken and invite some of those undertaking curriculum design in the University to come and discuss their approach

Curriculum approval

We discuss the process to getting from your idea and a need to gaining approval


This session explores sustainability and what this means for curriculum design

Curriculum evaluation

We discuss the approaches to doing this both throughout the programme and at key points

The module currently runs on two blocks of two days. The last day of the module is used for the assessment which is  a verbal presentation which is appropriate to the activity that has to be undertaken when trying to persuade others about a proposed module or programme. The assessment criteria are designed by the staff on the module and then these are used for self, peer and lecturer assessment.

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