Investment in Educational Technologies


Many of City’s educational technologies will be getting an investment boost as part of the University’s strategic plan and funding.  Moodle will be upgraded and integrated with a repository, timetabling, and mobile delivery tools; video streaming and web conferencing tools will become more user-friendly and robust; automatic lecture capture and AV pods will be brought into more lecture rooms; and there will be changes to the back-end functioning of these technologies to make them more reliable and resilient.  These educational technology projects are being run through the Learning Development Centre and Information Services, with all School educational technology teams represented on the working groups that feed into these projects. Most of the projects are expected to be completed during the 2012-2013 academic year, meaning you will be seeing the positive effects of them before the next academic year.


Our intention in applying for the funding was twofold:  to improve the systems that staff and students have come to rely on so that they are as robust as possible, and to create opportunities for educational excellence by developing technologies to support good pedagogic practices and enable a positive student experience. Please be in touch with the Learning Development Centre if you would like to learn more about any of the investment projects, or if you would like to be a member of a working group – working group membership is open to anyone interested in the topic and willing to participate in discussions and decision-making.

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