Reflective Practitioner Exhibition

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It was an honour to be invited to the exhibition showcasing and engaging guests with students’ work on ‘The Reflective Practitioner’ module as part of BSc Management and BSc Business.  Angela Dove, the module leader, working in conjunction with the students and other supporters put on this year’s exhibition in the newly refurbished Drysdale Lecture theatre and foyer.  The module aimed to enhance self awareness and reflective skills. The exhibition featured music, a variety of displays and name tagged students prepared to speak about particular aspects of the course.

It was evident that students had been deeply affected by the learning experience afforded by this module and the educational practices deployed.  As the students guided me through their work telling me about what they had discovered and achieved there was a sense of ownership of the module and heightened awareness that is not usually apparent in traditional modules.

Lifelong metaphor

Box displaying insights from guest speakers

A trip to the Hunterian museum caused students to think creatively and produce presentations under pressure.  Guest speakers gave the students insight and an opportunity to think critically about a number of issues as this box from the exhibition testifies.  This includes the seemingly harsh warning that a brand could be ruined in a moment which for today’s students also refers to their own digital identities created in networking sites and beyond.  Students were asked to create their own metaphors for their lifelong journey which facilitated reflection and self-understanding. Each student kept a physical journal to reflect on the course and gather all they had learnt.

Talking to the students within this welcoming and lively exhibition gave me a chance to meet enthusiastic, optimistic students and share how they had been challenged and developed by this course.

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