Creative large group teaching


Around a fifth of all teaching at City occurs in rooms that fit 80 or more students.  Lecture theatres with more than 150 seats and more than 200 seats currently report almost back to back teaching according to timetabling.  Is teaching in large groups the best way for students to learn?  What are the alternatives to large group teaching? City University is currently undergoing a substantial redevelopment programme including large lecture theatres.  As part of this Learning Spaces Group is exploring how we teach large groups and what spaces we need to facilitate an excellent educational experience.

Join us for a workshop on creative large group teaching at the Learning at City Conference on Thursday 6th June from 12pm.  We will be using the session to gain feedback about your experience of learning spaces that will be used to inform future space design at City.  Future spaces at City will include swivel seating in a lecture theatre from September 2013.  In the session, we will also be introducing a number of technologies and techniques for creative large group teaching such as polleverywhere and flipped teaching.  Bring your smart phone/tablet/laptop to participate.


This is a gratuitous picture of an inspiring lecture theatre from a KI Furnishing Knowledge brochure


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