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The LDC are hosting the third annual research symposium which sees over 20 doctoral students from a range of subjects and disciplines presenting their research to staff and students.Its an event not to be missed! To find out more about the types of disciplines that will be presenting their research, see the graph below.

The research symposium offers a unique insight into some of the work being undertaken by research students in the University and is a great opportunity to celebrate and explore the groundbreaking research undertaken at City University London. It is also a chance to contribute to the presentation skills development of research colleagues who have chosen to present, by providing constructive feedback.

During the last conference more then 60 staff members attended and were able to get a taste for research being undertaken across the Schools, and ask any questions of the researchers themselves. In addition to the structured sessions, there was also a chance to get a more informal, personal feel for a range of research projects as 16 other students were able to produce posters to be displayed during the lunch and refreshment breaks. Attendees were then encouraged to browse around these during the breaks and speak with the researchers behind them.

For further details of the programme please click here. To register please click here.

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