Moodle 2: How to guides and resources

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Now that the new Moodle is in operation, you will be invited to a training session via your local educational technology teams. However you might also want some further help and general ‘how to’ guides on our full range of educational technologies.

Previously, the guidance on educational technologies has been delivered in various ways but may have appeared slightly disjointed as a user.  The new guidance site removes the fragmented approach and provides you with a one stop shop for the range of educational technologies that are used at City.

This site has been compiled to support the enhancement of teaching and learning experiences at City University London, through the integration of technology. Compiled by both school-based and central educational technologists, you will find areas with specific and more general information, spanning a wide range of technologies and their uses. This site has both student and staff areas.

The new guidance site holding both staff and student guidance now has two City URLs.


Bookmark these links

Although there is still work to be completed on the guidance sites mainly with respect to the students area and links to various other sites and blogs, the site is now widely available through these links below.

For staff members you will be able to access through

For students you will be able to access through

As you can see from the image on the left, there are a number of educational technologies. There is also a sophisticated tagging system as well as a quick search option (see below). This will be useful should you not be clear on what you’re looking for.

You can also print using Pdf or Word directly from the site. Your local educational technology teams will also be providing you with these links in your training sessions. Please be in touch if you’d like any further guidance or have some feedback with regards to the site.


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