Moodle 2 on the move

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Moodle 2 has gone mobile.The increased use of handheld and portable devices, along with the widespread use of wireless networking, means that structured learning opportunities are becoming an “any time, anywhere” enterprise. These devices can all create a ubiquitous learning environment, which can be defined as “any setting in which students can become totally immersed in the learning process( Sulčič,A.,2010).

Most of our students and staff have a range of devices that they use. Because of that, we wanted to ensure that Moodle was be designed in such a way that whatever devices were used, the experience of moodle our virtual learning environment would be the same. This is called the ‘responsive theme’. Kenny in his post defines it as “Responsive web design refers to a fluidly constructed web page layout that scales from handheld device displays to large, high-resolution computer displays using flexible typography, flexible images, fluid grids, and CSS3 media queries. Simply put, it’s a web design that is sensitive to the platform or device the user is viewing the site on and that will adjust its layout accordingly”. This has ensured that we are fully equipped and future proofed in working in a flexible and ubiquitous fashion.

A responsive theme benefits the university in that:

Site maintenance required is minimized since it operates on a cross platform even when new upgrades are required and certainly provides a more consistent user experience.

Twitters below demonstrate Moodle on the move.







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