Moodle 2: What does your online profile say about you?

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Have you ever wondered why students don’t seem to engage that much on Moodle? Why they may not be interacting with their peers as much as you thought? Well there might be a number of reasons for that, but one I put to you is this. Do your students have an updated profile on Moodle? More importantly, what does your own profile say to them? Are you missing some information with your name and face?

You want your new and returning students to be interested in their modules and you want them to engage with your content, to share and become your advocates so that their friends will see your updates and hopefully become a part of your future intake.

Your Moodle Profile is what other City University Moodle users can see about you. You can upload a picture and details about yourself. Your profile also displays which modules you are enrolled on in Moodle. An example can be seen below:

 You can add a photo to your profile. Your photograph must be in jpg or png format and will be cropped & resized automatically to 100X100 pixels.
Your profile also allows you to change your personal preferences in Moodle. It is worth checking your timezone is accurate, as this will affect when you can access scheduled events such as quizzes and chats. We recommend choosing Server’s local time if you are based in the United Kingdom.

To edit your profile

  1. Log into Moodle and click on your name in the top, right.
  2. Click on the Edit profile tab.
  3. Click the Show Advanced button on the right to access all of the settings.
  4. Edit the fields you wish to change (e.g. description, location).
  5. click the Update profile button.

Don’t ask for “likes” this September – ask your new and returning students to update their profiles in your Induction sessions. And do remember to update your own too.



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