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Flexible learning space

Moving the furniture has traditionally been a source of frustration for users of our learning spaces in terms of needing more flexible spaces, having time in sessions to move furniture and leaving rooms in a state fit for the next occupants.  A number of rooms have been equipped with node chairs. However, in response to very positive feedback most rooms will be furnished with chairs and small tables on castors.  Properties and Facilties are working on ensuring that all new spaces and some refurbished current spaces now have flexible furniture including three new small lecture rooms, namely BLG08, BM02 and BM03, now available in the first phase of the Drysdale refurbishment building work.

All chairs and tables in these rooms are on castors.  Two of the rooms have square tables and one room has shaped

Chairs and tables on castors

tables that can be split or put together to create large circular tables.  The chairs can be positioned in traditional rows or moved around to accomodate small groups or pairwork.  Tables can be moved against the walls to have chairs with no tables.  A variety of configurations are possible with furniture being movable quickly and easily.  Consequently rooms can be adapted to different needs or moved around within sessions to accomodate movement between activities.  Lecturers can also move through the room to work with groups and individuals.

Tables in small group configuration

A number of sockets are available around the room at a height allowing devices to be charged on the tables.  This addition encourages students to bring their own devices such as laptops, tablets or smart phones to use within the learning space.  A high definition LCD screen appears along the teaching wall.  A repeater screen appears on a second wall to give students sight of the screen while engaged in group work without having to work in rows.  Squiggle glass will line the walls to enable students to work in groups, contribute and review each other’s work.

Tables moved to the side

Users of this space will be invited to participate in an evaluation later this term and staff are invited to share case studies of how they have used this flexible space.  Do contact Anise Bullimore, Annemarie Cancienne or other LDC staff to take part.

Tables in rows

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