Moodle video: Analytics steal the show

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Using online videos for education is fast becoming one of the ways in which lecturers can really share the outside world with students or demonstrate challenging concepts. Video management and publishing are therefore, becoming a core part of the modern day university – from teaching and learning, video assignments, and management of lecture capture content to digital libraries, public communications, recruitment, and live events.

Kaltura which is the machine behind the moodle video has excellent analytics. Learning Analytics focuses specifically on students and their learning behaviours. It could include gathering data from course management and student information systems in order to improve student access. So if you are interested in the analytics to drive your course management then Kaltura does provide the right tools to help.

During this academic term, 264 media entries were played 2,190 times! To provide you with a flavour of who’s doing what here’s a quick show and tell:

What were people watching and listing to in October?

Journalism –  news reading skills and interviews

Law – audio lecture introductions to course modules

Optometry  – how to use equipment to measure eyesight and video assignments were submitted by students

Informatics  – maths for computing

So if this has whetted your appetite, then try and go to create your own resource using your own webcam. You must obtain a webcam but the instructions for how you create personalised recordings are in this link.

Below shows you a clip from Charles Watson who is based in the school of Informatics and the student views that he has received for this tutorial.







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