SEDA’s 18th annual Conference 14th – 15th November 2013 in Bristol

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This conference was focused on the theme of creativity in educational development and so had a range of very diverse parallel sessions with a focus on writing, dialogue, Lego, dance, poetry and drawing. There was a key note to start each day with one by Professor Guy Claxton who shared thoughts on how to cultivate a creative learner and the second one by Professor Norman Jackson on the theme of creativity in educational development and some of his work in this area.

The two days provided an opportunity to explore new ways to engage with learners through different approaches that might challenge them to think differently and to be more curious. This requires educators to take risks in the approaches used to facilitate learning and there were many opportunities to discuss this with colleagues. There were examples from across disciplines focused on how being creative can enable students to gain deeper learning and develop skills they might not have done in more traditional approaches.

The change academy team who have been engaged in exploring recognising teaching excellence which includes Julie Attenborough, Maggie Cunningham, Dr Wayne Holland, Dr Pam Parker and James Perkins presented a workshop around the work they have done over the last year on developing criteria for the University award scheme and on the evidence that could be used to support achievement of the criteria.

If you want to read more about some sessions from the conference use this link to Pam’s conference blog





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