Getting out of a muddle with Moodle at MUGGL

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The MUGGL (Moodle User Group Greater London) meeting, Tues 19th Nov 2013, was a friendly affair and well attended. It took place just before the M25 meeting on the same day at Kings College.

Packed into the half-day session were “Show & Tell” speakers, a “SwapShop” in which users swapped ideas about Moodle 2 plugins, talks on integrating Moodle with other tools and a nice selection of tea and biscuits.

The event was a brisk affair, hosted by Sarah Sherman, who managed things with metronomic verve. No time for window-gazing in this show.

What impressed me most was the level of expertise on hand. In the SwapShop, quickfire responses were available from anywhere in the room. From SQL queries to setting up groups there was always an answer forthcoming.

In that same room there were representatives from LSE, Goldsmiths, UCL and more. It was interesting to note how they worked differently, the smaller institutions tending to entrust Moodle to just few individuals, perhaps with more freedom to innovate. Goldsmiths, for example, were able show-off their TOOC (Tiny Open Online Course)! The variety of working practices was an eye-opener.

The strength of MUGGL is in the collective support it provides. If you need help or ideas you can be sure someone will point you in the right direction. And you will almost certainly see something new and unexpected. More than anything the event is a friendly coming-together of like-minded individuals.


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