SEDA Spring, Teaching, Learning and Assessment 2014

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 Engaging Students: Engaging Staff which took place on 15th May 2014 -16th May 2014 at the Copthorne Hotel, Newcastle.

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This was a really stimulating conference with both staff and students presenting about their activities and projects. The conference was opened by a keynote from Dan Derricott from the University of Lincoln where a range of student projects have been undertaken over the last few years. Dan focused on some of the projects and strategies that had been used to develop different levels of engagement. This then led into a range of parallel sessions where different schemes had been developed over the last few years and ongoing research many were engaged in.

The networking opportunities provide a good chance to discuss these further and to meet those who were looking at similar initiatives. The conference was brought to a close by Colin Bryson’s keynote again about projects at Newcastle which were shared with us by some of the students. here you can find the abstracts of the sessions and if you follow this link there is discussion of some of the sessions on my conference blog

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