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Educational Technology Projects:  The Educational Technology Team supports the use of educational technology through professional development, guidance, consultancy and building relationships. We work across the three themes of Blended LearningMultimedia and Learning Spaces. Beyond our every day support work and relationship building, we organise the work that we do into projects.  These can range from small activities such as working with an academic to design a module or experiment with a new technology to large projects such as working collaboratively across LEaD and other professional services to redesign a programme, or implement or update a new institution-wide technology. 

Why use projects? By organising this work into projects we are able to encourage innovation whilst working sustainably and collaboratively across the schools.  We can share the work we are doing with schools and show how we are striving to meet school and institutional priorities.  We are also able to more effectively schedule and resource work across our team.

How does the project process work?

We will use an annual project cycle whereby the Educational Technology Team work with ADEs to identify school priorities and key projects for the coming year, report back on progress and review what has taken place.  This cycle is supported by Learning Development Advisory Board.

Academics are invited to speak to the educational technology staff associated with their school to discuss their educational technology ideas, needs and plans and how they can be turned into projects.

Projects will also come from the institution or other drivers such as working with PAF to develop flexible learning spaces as part of their building schedule, supporting the education strategy or implementing new or updated technologies.  These sort of projects make an impact across all of the institution and Schools.

Project Management Leads Sandra Partington and Leona Norris.

Project Management Leads Sandra Partington and Leona Norris.

Project management leads: Sandra Partington and Leona Norris act as project management leads.  Their role involves project managing bigger projects, enabling the project cycle, supporting the team to complete projects and communications and reporting.

We will disseminate information about and the results of our project work across City and externally. Also view this blog for regular updates.

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