Providing feedback using GradeMark in Turnitin

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Audience: City University London staff

Our latest reports on Moodle activity show that we had 22 Turnitin assignment submissions due last week with a further 11 submissions due this week. This post highlights how you can provide feedback and grades using Turnitin’s feedback facility – GradeMark.

GradeMark has three different mechanisms for providing feedback on student assignments – QuickMarks/inline comments, text /audio comments and rubric/grading record.

Feedback options in Turnitin

Clicking on the QuickMarks icon allows you to add QuickMarks and inline comments directly onto a student’s assignment. This is a really useful method for adding operational feedback regarding the structure and clarity of expression of an assignment. You can also use the comments and highlights to draw a student’s attention to a particularly strong part of their assignment or an area that needs further development. You can set up your own QuickMarks and share these with colleagues within your Programme to provide consistent feedback around common issues.

Clicking on the Text Comment icon alText commentlows you to provide general feedback on a student’s assignment. If you are using Firefox you need to click on the pencil icon to enable editing.

You can also add up to three minutes of audio feedback from this feedback screen. You can review our guidance on good practice in Audio Feedback if you are interested in using this method of providing feedback.

Clicking on the rubric icon opens up the rubric and grading record area where you can highlight a student’s strengths and areas for development against the assignment criteria. Please see the Turnitin guidance on setting up a rubric or grading record.

Further guidance on using GradeMark is available from the educational technology guidance site.

Marking Turnitin assignments on an iPad

You can now also use GradeMark on your iPad. Lecturers can use the app to view originality reports and to add QuickMark, voice and text comments. The app can also be used to grade submissions using rubrics. The Educational Technology Team have produced guidance to help you get started with using GradeMark on an iPad.

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