BIT’s 4th Annual World Congress of Emerging InfoTech- 2015, Shenzhen Convention 7 Exhibition Centre 18th – 20th April China.

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This conference was focused around education and emerging technology. The key note sessions focused on some of the opportunities that technology had provided for both education and technology developers. There was then a range of themes covered in the parallel sessions but of interest was the theme around smart education. There were sessions focused on gaming and how these has increasingly used in education as well as health and how developments in this area were enabling educators and developers to explore behaviour through learning analytics. There were sessions that looked at constructionist learning and how the use of technology has also been used to help students work with others to learn. There was a lot of discussion about how using technology had changed how students access information and how they use it. One session focused on the use of Suri to support language teaching and then others focused on online courses. There was a range of international speakers sharing their different experiences

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  1. Annora Eyt-Dessus

    May 29, 2015 9:54 am

    Thanks for this Pam – it sounds like a very packed conference, with a huge range of nationalities and perspectives represented! I’ve found the programe here, and am looking forward to following up on some of the game based learning presentations – as I know we have a number of people interested in enhancing learning through game principles here at City. I also see that you presented, and hope you got a good response from attendees interested in how we use technology to support students and lecturer engagement?
    Many thanks, A.


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