Call for LEaD Development Grant Applications

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LEaD Fellowship Grant

LEaD Fellowship grants provide a new opportunity for you to reflect on and examine your teaching practice. Apply for one of these grants and be awarded £1,000 which will be used to engage an external coach to work with you.  This coaching is a safe, confidential space used as an educational development and reflective practice tool.  In partnership with the coach you will reflect on your educational role, explore your teaching and take the next steps in your professional development.  The coaching may include observation of your teaching.

We will provide support in matching you with a coach and ensuring they are paid and then you can arrange with them the focus of your activity. At the end of your grant we ask that you write a short report or blog post about what you have done and participate in an evaluation of this experience.

On completion of your project you would become a LEaD Fellow.

Education Enhancement Grant

Do you have you a project you want to undertake focused on enhancing an aspect of learning, teaching or assessment and you need to have some time freed up or you want some help with evaluation? You can apply for an education enhancement grant to support this. The funds you apply for can be used to:

  • cover some of your time
  • pay students to undertake specific activity with you or run focus groups
  • pay for transcription of interviews

We will ask on completion of any development you write a short report or blog post about what you have done.

You can submit your application for a Fellowship Grant or Education Enhancement Grant by emailing the completed application form directly to Dr Pam Parker. 

Access the application form here

Submission deadline: 23rd November 2015

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