Open Data as an Educational Resource – 5 HE case studies over here!

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Launched last Friday (4th Dec 2015) at UCL, this book (which is free to download or read online) contains five case studies about using open data sets for educational purposes, at undergraduate and post graduate level, ranging from teaching data literacy to using the newly available data to study social impact.

I would recommend this for colleagues who might be interested in using open data sets as a resource for teaching activities and is a useful reference City academics, with case studies from the fields of Civic Engagement, Computer Programming, Data Analysis in Social Sciences, GPS, Statistics and Knowledge Economy.

The five case studies are provided by academics from Canada, Italy and the UK and all of the studies conclude with a list of recommendations for practitioners and useful references, such as the Universities UK (UUK) 2015 report – Making the most of Data: Data skills training in English Universities.

I found the case studies interesting, informative and easy to read – in particular I enjoyed reading about the walker who had his GPS, heart rate and blog posts tracked as he walked 1000 miles around the perimeter of Wales. The author and walker Alan Dix offered himself and his data as a living lab for various educational projects to use.

The editors Javiera Atenas and Leo Havemann are both based in London and are part of an extensive network of educational developers and educational technologists working in HE. I am sure they are both very ‘open’ to enquiries and interest – based on their recent publication – so please do contact them if you want to get involved, their contact details are in the book.


Get the book here

Blog post by the authors

Making the most of Data: Data skills training in English Universities




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