Sharing Turnitin QuickMark Feedback

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You may be familiar with using Turnitin QuickMark comments when providing feedback on students’ work in Turnitin assignments but did you know that you can share QuickMarks with your colleagues to create a library of standard comments?

QuickMarks are pre-defined comments, grouped together in themed QuickMark sets, that can be added as feedback when assessing a student’s work in Turnitin GradeMark. QuickMarks are a useful method for adding operational feedback regarding the structure and clarity of expression of an assignment. You can also use the comments and highlights to draw a student’s attention to a particularly strong part of their assignment or an area that needs further development.

The QuickMark manager can be used to create, store and manage your own customised QuickMark comments.

Turnitin QuickMarks are unique to each individual Turnitin user, so you will not automatically be able to use QuickMarks created by colleagues.  However, to save each lecturer from having to create their own QuickMarks and QuickMark sets, and to encourage consistent feedback across a programme, department or school, it is possible to share QuickMark sets using the export/import functionality.

Lecturers can export their own QuickMark set to a file which they can share with colleagues who can import the file to give them access to the shared set of QuickMarks.

If additional QuickMarks are added to a shared QuickMark set, the revised set will again be unique to that Turnitin user.  To share the revised set, repeat the Export/Import process.

QuickMark Guidance

Capture4More information on creating and sharing QuickMarks and QuickMark sets can be found on our guidance site. You can also refer to our guidance site for general Information on marking with Turnitin Grademark.

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