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Now in its third year, the Culture Capital Exchange (TCCE) is hosting a three day Walking the City event.  This event brings together a diverse range of creative and innovative walks taking place around the capital.

The variety of walk themes include: London’s natural spaces, the Sounds of Early Modern Theatre, a public salon on feminism and criticism, an experimental rush hour walk, a walking workshop with GPS satellites, a World War 1 locative audio experience, poetic places along the Thames, a walking performance and soundscape on immigration and citizenship, also a literary and musical walk through the Jewish immigrant East End, a photo sharing walk on graffiti and street art, and many more.

Building on our continuing work with walking and learning, I will contribute a

Regents Park in April

Images of Regents Park in April

walk to the event entitled ‘A Moving Conversation‘.  This walk will take place in Regents Park and explore the effect of walking on creative thinking while encouraging participants to connect with each other.

City academic, Dr Sara Jones will also contribute a walk entitled Nature in the City.  This walk held in Clissold Park invites participants to ‘discover and share ideas for increasing access to London’s natural spaces as part of the National Park City initiative’.

Come and walk with us if you can or join any of the other fascinating and inspiring walks.  Sign up here.

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