Writing Guidance

Here are some tips for writing your educational vignette:

  • Each post needs an image set as the featured image.  Use an image you have taken or made otherwise use an image that you are allowed to use (Google images is a search engine, not a site of usable images!).  The library recommends sites of usable image banks and gives advice about avoiding breach of copyright: http://www.city.ac.uk/library/copyright/copyright-and-images
  • Put your post into a category and add tags
  • Run a spell check and re-read your post before you post or get feedback from a colleague
  • Keep your post titles simple and snappy
  • Be enthusiastic, consistent and use an informal tone – write like you talk
  • Get to your point quickly and keep it short – 250-300 words is plenty
  • Include bullet point lists (like this)
  • Include links (if you mention LEaD link to our website; if you mention a School link to the School website; if you mention a learning technology link to the login page)
  • Include your audience in your post
  • Tweet your post
  • Comment on the posts of others
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