About Me

Ernesto Priego, photo by Lucy Morris

Photo by Lucy Morris

I’m a Lecturer in Library Science at the Department of Library and Information Science at City University London.

I’m a keen Twitter user and you can find me @ernestopriego.

My research interests include comics scholarship, digital humanities, library science, online publishing, journalism, social media, alt-metrics, data research and scholarly communications.

I got a PhD in Information Studies (University College London) and my background is in cultural studies (UEA Norwich) and English literature (UNAM).

As a researcher I’ve been affiliated to the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. I am the co-founder and editor-inchief of The Comics Grid Journal of Comics Scholarship. I specialise in online publishing for impact and widening participation and in the qualitative analysis of scholarly networks and academic article-level metrics.

I have been a regular contributor to the Guardian Higher Education Network and I have been a HASTAC scholar. I am also an international correspondent for 4Humanities and have contributed to University of Venus/Inside Higher Education. I am a member of the Mexican Digital Humanities Network, RedHD and  have served in various international digital humanities  academic committees, including the ADHO’s ad hoc communications committee.

I love teaching, writing, editing, brainstorming and spreading the word about the things I believe in. I love higher education and the Internet and I define myself as a digital scholarship advocate.



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