Family Food Experience Study: London

We are conducting a three-year research study to understand why, despite a range of food related policies and interventions in place across London there continues to be increasing inequality in child health between different neighbourhoods.

Centre for Food Policy - Shaping an effective food system

The Centre for Food Policy is an interdisciplinary research unit working to shape food systems that improve the health of people, society, the environment and the economy. We bring our academic expertise to bear on the big questions facing food and turn insight into action. 

What are we researching?

Food Practices

Exploring everything that effects family and children’s eating habits including; availability of different foods, how and where food is bought, how food is cooked and eaten.

Lived Experiences

We want to understand peoples’ everyday experiences and choices, so that we can inform policy on child health, weight and food which reflects these experiences and supports the health of children.

Food Environments

The places people go to get food, the routes they take to get there and the range of factors that influence their food choices, options and opportunities. 



Informing effective healthy childhood eating policies

Previous research has demonstrated the complex reasons people eat the food they do. Understanding these complexities is essential in informing effective policies around child health, weight and food, and support actions to improve child health and wellbeing.


Understanding how healthy childhood eating policies support families

Over the last 15 years numerous actions have been implemented to address disparities in child weight and the food children eat. However, it is unclear how together they interact with families in their everyday lives. This study seeks to understand to what extent these actions support families at a local level in the food choices they make for their children.

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