FanLIS 2024 Recordings

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Welcome Address – Ludi Price

Panel 1

Do Androids Dream of Bad TV? – Tom Ue and Callum McNutt

Archiving the ephemeral in digital public space – Naomi Jacobs

Fanfic! in the Library: What can be learnt from how readers search for fics? – Rowan Smith

Fanfiction: When Copyright Violation Benefits Brands – Ethan Milne

Panel Q&A Moderated by Ludi Price


Panel 2

Utilizing metadata from heterogeneous sources within the framework of the JVMG and GOLEM projects to identify patterns in anime-based fandoms on AO3 – Zoltan Kacsuk, Xiaoyan Yang, Saskia Dreßler, Federico Pianzola & Martin Roth

From Fan Blogs to Fruits Basket: Documenting the Recommended Resources of Anime Studies – Billy Tringali & Vibu Logendran

Does This Count? Creation of Data and Information Resources in the MXTX Fandom – Katie Wampole

Fanbinding, Preservation, and Local Archives: Un-Digitizing Trends and Media Ownership in Fandom Information Practices – Kimberly Kennedy

Panel Q&A Moderated by Lyn Robinson


Roundtable discussion


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