FanLIS 2022 Recordings

Day 1 | Day 2


Welcome Address – Ludi Price

Panel 1

Creating threads, making archives: a study of organizing and indexing practices around idols’ photos on Twitter – Susrita Das

Archiving as a foundation of fansubbing: a case study on fan-made translation of Virtual Youtuber’s videos and streaming in China – Jincai Jiang

Archival maintenance as a means of preserving a fandom’s legacy – Nicole Neece

‘Princes of the New World’: fanfiction archives as machines for generating fictional worlds – Suzanne R. Black

Panel Q&A Moderated by Ludi Price


Panel 2

The design of printed fanfiction: Down to Agincourt and fanbinding as affective practice – Naomi Jacobs & JSA Lowe

Fanbinding and community generated information environment – Shira Buchsbaum & Kimberly Kennedy

Crossover fic and the crux of fan object circulation – Alex Xanthoudakis

Panel Q&A Moderated by Lyn Robinson

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