FanLIS 2023 Recordings

Chat transcript (.txt)


Welcome Address – Ludi Price

Panel 1

Infinite Archives, Infinite Possibilities: Learning Research and Databases with Archive of our Own – Alayna Vander Veer and Austin Waters

The citational practices of sci-fi fan podcasts – Amber Sewell

This sounds like an episode of The X-Files: Examining how Twitter users interpreted the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of sci-fi television – Nicole Neece

“i’m mixing comic book canon and mcu canon to suit my own needs”: Information Sharing as Community Building in a Fandom in Flux – Alison Harding

Panel Q&A Moderated by Ludi Price


Panel 2

Repositories of Knowledge in Ernest Cline’s and Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One – Tom Ue and James Munday

Data lost, forbidden or controlled?: The archivists of Horizon Forbidden West – Ashley Lanni

The Library Wants to Kill You: Places of Information as Battleground and Sanctum in Halo – Mackenzie Streissguth

Panel Q&A Moderated by Lyn Robinson


Keynote – Fandom, Fanzines, and Archiving Fannish History – Karen Hellekson

(NB – some images have been blurred due to ethical/copyright concerns.)


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