3rd Technical Meeting in CERTH, Athens

The Third Technical meeting took place on the 13th of March 2015 and was hosted by CERTH, Athens, Greece.

Partners discussed  the project progress including the defined system specifications based on FEM simulation results and preliminary laboratory testing along with the organisational questions and further planning for the next reporting period.


The research carried out to determine the suitability of the selected techniques showed promising preliminary results in location of surface and sub-surface defects. GPR has been used to assess pavement construction and condition at traffic speed for several years, and the proof of concept presented at the meeting justified its selection. The other two techniques, Thermography and Air Coupled Ultrasonics, may be less familiar to pavement engineers but successful early trials presented encouraging data.

The next stage of the project will establish the design and construction requirements for a prototype collection platform along with the required fusion software to combine all data sets.

The meeting concluded with an agreement that given the successes achieved so far promotion of the RBP Healtec system should be implemented, and the next meeting has been scheduled for the end of May.