Overiew of the pavement inspection process

The RPB HealTec End Users prepared the overview of the pavement inspection methods and the commonly occuring defects as a part of D1.1 “Project requirements and system specifications” that will be submitted at the end of August.

End Users of RPB HealTec


RPB HealTec website

The RPB HealTec website is now operational as a part of the Project Dissemination Activities. It will be updated on a regual basis until the end of the project and beyond to include the pre-commercial and commercial phases of the RPB HealTec technology.



RPB HealTec kick off meeting

The RPB HealTec kick-off meeting took place on the 27th of June 2014 and was hosted by City University London.

Partners discussed  the initial project requirements and system specifications along with the financial and organisational questions.


City University London    Partners