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Ethnic minority and migrant women’s struggles in accessing healthcare during COVID-19: an intersectional analysis

GSRC Organising Committee Members Dr Sabrina Germain & Dr Adrienne Yong draw attention to an overlooked area of the recent pandemic.

In their recent published paper in the interdisciplinary Journal for Cultural Research, Dr Sabrina Germain & Dr Adrienne Yong (Senior Lecturers at The City Law School) shine a spotlight on an area of the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has arguably been overshadowed throughout this public health crisis – the effect the pandemic has had on access to healthcare for women at the intersection of their ethnic minority status and gender, and their migration status and gender.

Focusing on two distinct groups of women – ethnic minority women, and migrant women – Germain and Yong apply the theory of intersectionality coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw to investigate barriers to accessing healthcare in the United Kingdom as they have been particularly exacerbated by the pandemic. Read more about this here. and full access to their paper here.

Dr Germain and Dr Yong have also turned their written research into a long form conversation, hosted by The City Law School’s flagship podcast, CLS Law & Society Podcast. Listen here.

sbrp126 • March 11, 2022

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