The Gender and Sexualities Research Centre

City, University of London

Meg Poff

Meg Poff (they/them) is a PhD candidate in the Department of International Politics under the supervision of Dr. Koen Slootmaeckers and Dr. Dan Mercea. Their interdisciplinary research, which combines insights from the fields of international politics, sociology, and gender and sexuality studies, focuses on identity negotiations within LGBTQ+ and queer social movements in the Western…

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Ruyue (Ruby) Liu

I am a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at City, the University of London, under the supervision of Professor Rosalind Gill and Dr Lia Litosseliti. My project analyses Chinese social media influencers from a (post)feminism perspective, intending to figure out how the affective and psychic life of females have been shaped in the…

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Maria Carbajales

PhD Researcher – Department of Sociology / GSRC I began my PhD in October 2021, which is a mixed methods project that researches how people’s perceptions of sexuality and relationships change by using mobile dating apps. My research interests are technology and how it affects our daily life. Specifically the transformation of intimacy, postfeminism, neoliberalism,…

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Sabrina Germain

Dr Sabrina Germain is a Senior Lecturer at the City Law School. She is the co-coordinator of the Centre for Law & Social Change and a member of the Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research (CHIR). Dr Germain’s research interests are in the field of healthcare law and bioethics. Using a socio-legal approach she focuses on…

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Lia Litosseliti

Department of Health Sciences / Division of Language & Communication Science My research interests focus on gender and language/ discourse, including gendered workplaces; the discursive construction of gender identities; and the development of research methodologies, including for the study of gender and sexualities. In recent years, I have also become interested in global engagement as…

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Xintong Jia

Department of Sociology I’m a PhD candidate in Sociology at City, University of London, supervised by Prof. Rosalind Gill and Dr Lia Litosseliti. My PhD project examines reality dating shows as a prism to explore female subjectivity and the changing gender relations in contemporary China, shifts in the way that intimacy is practised, and the…

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Cassandra Wiener

Department of Sociology Visiting Lecturer, Department of Sociology, ESRC funded PhD, University of Sussex. I am a lawyer, looking at the intersection of coercive control (domestic abuse) and the criminal law. My monograph ‘Coercive Control and the Criminal Law’ is being published by Routledge next year, but I am currently busy with the passage of…

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Dr Pardis Asadi Zeidabadi

Department of Sociology I completed my PhD at Newcastle University in December of 2019. My PhD thesis seeks to explore the perspectives of women involved in feminist and women’s activism in Iran on important aspects of their political identity and priorities. My study draws on forty-seven one-to-one semi-structured interviews with Iranian feminists and women activists,…

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Dr Hetta Howes

Lecturer in Medieval Literature After completing a BA in English and MA in medieval literature at Cambridge University I have been researching and teaching in London for the past 8 years. I’m a lecturer in the English department at City, and am currently finalising the manuscript for my new book (forthcoming with Boydell and Brewer),…

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Professor Rosalind Gill

Professor, Department of Sociology / Director, GSRC I am currently working with a diverse group of young people (18-27) exploring their experiences on social media. I am interested in which socials they use, how they use them, who they follow, what they post- and many other questions. The research is revealing many key issues related…

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