The Gender and Sexualities Research Centre

City, University of London

Professor Rosalind Gill

Professor, Department of Sociology / Director, GSRC I am currently working with a diverse group of young people (18-27) exploring their experiences on social media. I am interested in which socials they use, how they use them, who they follow, what they post- and many other questions. The research is revealing many key issues related…

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Hannah Curran-Troop

Department of Sociology / GSRC I began my PhD in October 2019, which is a qualitative project researching several feminist creative and cultural enterprises in London, including Gal-dem zine, London Feminist Film Festival, Sister Magazine, Damsel Productions, Girls in Film and Polyester Zine. I’m specifically interested in how these women combine various expressions of feminist…

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Dr Laura Thompson

Department of Sociology My current research explores the mediation of sexism and misogyny in heterosexual online dating. My PhD thesis brings together two studies: one an examination of screen-grabbed messages posted on Instagram accounts Tinder Nightmares and Bye Felipe, which highlight objectionable attempts from men to “pick up” and aggressive responses to women’s declines; the…

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Yvonne Ehrstein

Department of Sociology Hi! I’m a PhD researcher based in Sociology at City. I gained a Masters (Dist) in Sociology and German Studies from Goethe University Frankfurt. My PhD research explores the maternal working femininities on, and is animated by two core questions: 1) how continuing and new forms of gendered inequality are navigated…

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Professor Suzanne Franks

Department of Journalism I am interested in the area of women in journalism, both the portrayal of women in the media and the experiences of women in the newsroom. My background as a broadcast journalist over many years (mainly the BBC) has informed my ongoing interest in this field. Sometime ago I published Having None…

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Dr Laura Favaro

‘Gender Wars’ in Feminism Gender & Sexualities Research Centre Postdoctoral Research Fellow At the heart of my current research topic is precisely a battle over (re)definitions of gender and sexuality. What is a woman? What is (thus) a lesbian? And what lies at the root of their oppression? Who is the subject of feminism; what…

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Professor Jo Littler

Director, GSRC / Professor, Department of Sociology I’m interested in the intersections between gender, society and culture. But I’m finding it hard to do much research at all in these lockdown conditions between the demands of teaching and homeschooling! One thing I have managed to do is finish off a short book I’ve been co-writing…

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Dr Koen Slootmaeckers

Senior Lecturer in International Politics What role do LGBT rights play in the EU enlargement process? Is the promotion of LGBT rights by the EU a means to re-affirm its own identity? How do candidate countries respond to such promotion of LGBT rights? How does changes in legislation impact LGBT people in candidate countries? These…

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Dr Jessica Simpson

Department of Sociology I completed my PhD in Sociology in December 2019 which looked at working-class women’s transitions through HE in the UK and into the graduate labour markets. I focused specifically on students working in the sex industry and compared their experiences to students working in ‘mainstream’ hospitality jobs. I am now in the…

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