Feminist and Queer Methodologies Workshop

On the 2nd of Dec, we were lucky to hold a feminist and queer methodologies workshop run by Dr Róisín Ryan-Flood. It proved to be a hugely popular event – with all spaces quickly filling up and a great turn-out on the day.

Róisín delivered an engaging lecture on feminist research ethics and epistemology, considering issues such as power relationships in research, the politics of representation and reflexivity. We also heard a fascinating story from her own research on the question of keeping participants’ secrets and when to choose silence over voice – a theme explored in her co-edited book (with Rosalind Gill) Silence and Secrecy in the Research Process: Feminist Reflections. 

In the second part of the workshop, all attendees had a chance to consider the ethical issues surrounding their own research and reflect on these together as a group. We left feeling inspired and very thankful for Róisín’s insights and interest in our work!


A huge thank-you to everyone who made it such a great event, and especially to Róisín!

For all those who are interested or were unable to attend the workshop, Róisín has kindly shared the slides and references used in the lecture. You can download the slides from this link: Feminist and queer methods workshop – Ryan-Flood.

See below for the reference list, many of which can also be found in Silence and Secrecy in the Research Process: Feminist Reflections


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