The Household Simulation Model: A decision making tool for building more sustainable food systems.

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The Centre for Food Policy is an interdisciplinary research unit working to shape food systems that improve the health of people, society, the environment and the economy. We bring our academic expertise to bear on the big questions facing food and turn insight into action. 

What are we researching?

Simulating potential food and plastic waste impacts

We are building a computer model to quantify the potential waste impacts of a change to packaging or product, or household behaviour. We are using new methods and data to create this model.

Assessing the impact of decisions on food & plastic waste

With the information generated by the model, decision-makers can evaluate a range of interventions to assess the possible impacts of their decisions.

Tool for decision-makers to prioritise waste reduction

The model enables decision-making and new innovations which prioritise waste reduction, avoiding trade-offs between plastic waste and food waste and vice versa.



Improving the Household Simulation Model (HHSM): including food and packaging waste.

The previous version of the HHSM could only simulate food waste directly. If you wanted to know how much packaging waste was involved, you could only estimate it based on the number of products. We’ve created a new version of the model which can model changes in packaging and packaging waste directly.


Reducing food and packaging Waste.

The changes in the new HHSM will provide an evidence base which can help inform decision-makers about the best ways to reduce food and plastic waste. Reducing both of these things are priorities for many organisations, and yet reducing one can often increase the other. Our tool will help them avoid this issue and reduce waste, protecting the environment.

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