Kate Wright’s Book Launch in 10 Tweets

Missed this week’s launch of Kate Wright’s Who’s Reporting Africa Now? Non-Governmental Organizations, Journalists, and Multimedia? Fear not. We’ve done a Twitter round-up of the event to give you an idea of who was there and what was said.

Who’s Reporting Africa Now? Non-Governmental Organizations, Journalists, and Multimedia by
Kate Wright

By Carolina Are

Dr. Mel Bunce, convenor of the Humanitarian News Research Network, commented: “The relationship between NGOs and journalists is a really important question right now. It was great to bring together researchers, journalists, students and people working in humanitarian comms to talk it through.”

The Announcements

Mid-Event Posts

The Analysis

Closing Comments

Keep an eye on our blog to find out about future events. In the meantime, you can top up yesterday’s event with a Q&A we did with Kate a couple of weeks back. Read it here.

Who’s Reporting Africa Now is published by Peter Lang. You can get a copy here.