Myriam de Senarclens Prize

We are delighted that the INTERSECT project won the Myriam de Senarclens Prize for outstanding research in psychosomatic obstetrics and gynaecology. This prize is only awarded every 4 years and the prize ceremony will take place at the Swiss Society for Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynaecology Congress on 24 June 2022. We are very honoured to receive this prize on behalf of the INTERSECT project and INTERSECT consortium members.

INTERSECT PhD studentship

Opportunity to do a PhD on the impact of sexual violence on birth and mental health

Sexual violence is experienced by 1 in 4 women living in Western societies. There is little research looking at the interplay between sexual trauma and women’s experiences of birth, despite such research having the potential to inform changes to maternity care provision, funding and policy at national and international levels. It can also inform initiatives such as screening and supoprt for women who have experienced sexual violence to prevent and reduce morbidity worldwide. Determining the prevalence of sexual violence during childhood and adulthood, and the negative impact it has on women’s experiences during birth and mental health is important to raise awareness, increase understanding and to inform screening and interventions, such as trauma informed care, being implemented worldwide.

Aims: This PhD will examine the impact of sexual violence on women’s birth experiences and postnatal mental health. Specific research questions are:

  1. What are the prevalence rates of sexual violence in childhood and adulthood in different countries?
  2. How does sexual violence in childhood or adulthood affect women’s experiences of birth?
  3. Is a history of sexual violence associated with greater risk of developing PTSD or depression after birth?

The PhD involves conducting secondary analysis of the INTERSECT data to address these research questions.

This PhD scholarship is funded by City, University of London. More information on the PhD project and how to apply is here. The deadline for applications is the 16th May 2022. If you have any questions please contact us on or Twitter @INTERSECTstudy.

Research Updates

Recruitment update

We have 38 countries participating in INTERSECT so far! But, we are always looking for more representation, especially in Africa and Asia.

1. Are you a researcher in #maternalhealth #perinatalmentalhealth #birthtrauma #obstetrics? 2. Are you based in any of the below countries? 3. Would you like to take part in our International Survey on Birth Related Trauma? If so, please email or tweet us!

INTERSECT Consortium Seminar – Success!

Thank you!

We had a fantastic seminar on the 20th May. Thank you so much for all of your contributions to the seminar. We are such a diverse team and we loved hearing from everybody!

Last updated 11th June 2021

INTERSECT Consortium Seminar – Future plans

Thank you to those who provided feedback on the INTERSECT Consortium seminar. Your feedback showed us that meetings within different sub-groups were highly valued, as were general INTERSECT updates. Based on your feedback we have decided to hold the following events every other month:

Month one

  • Week one – INTERSECT Fathers and Partners sub-group meeting
  • Week two – INTERSECT Fear of childbirth sub-group meeting
  • Week three – INTERSECT Parent-infant bond sub-group meeting

These sub-groups can be arranged in any way members think would be most useful to them.

Month two

  • INTERSECT Consortium seminar
    • General INTERSECT update
    • Update from sub-groups
    • Presentations
    • Breakout rooms

Volunteers needed!

We are looking for volunteers to lead each subgroup, this will involve leading the sub-group meetings. We can still help with the administrative side (e.g. setting up Teams invites). If you would like to volunteer, please email

Last updated 11th June 2021

Recruitment update

We would like to welcome all of our international principal investigators (PIs) from across the globe. We are so excited to be starting such an important piece of research with all of you. Since our inception in December 2020, we already have PIs from 27 countries on board and we are discussing collaborations with another 3 countries. Recruitment for international PIs ends July 2021. If you would like to join, please email

Last updated 11th June 2021

INTERSECT Consortium Seminar

May 20th , 2021 – Online (12-2pm BST) – Link to follow

We are holding a seminar for everybody involved in INTERSECT to get to know each other and learn more about the countries involved and individual interests.

We are looking for volunteers to talk about the maternity context of their country and their research interests for the seminar. If you would like to be involved, please email

Last updated 16th April 2021


  • Congratulations to Ursula Nagle for being awarded a PhD Scholarship at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Ursula will be conducting the INTERSECT study for her PhD and will add a qualitative study with a subset of women about their experiences of intimate partner violence and birth trauma.
  • Well done to Germany and Israel, who have already started their data collection! Both teams have embedded their survey into a cohort study and are flying through recruitment!
Last updated 16th April 2021

Added INTERSECT Initiatives

INTERSECT researchers are adding measures or extending sampling to INTERSECT. At the moment we have initiatives looking at INTERSECT plus:

  • Fathers/birth partners
  • Fear of childbirth
  • Mother-baby bond

If anyone else wants to look at similar variables, or want to know the measures being used, please email us at

Last updated 16th April 2021

INTERSECT Study Launched!

The INTERSECT study was launched in January 2021 and will run to February 2023 in many countries including Israel, Brazil, Turkey, India, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Ireland and the UK. We are excited to announce that Prof Susan Garthus-Neigel and her team will start recruiting our first participants in February in Germany, and Dr Jonathan Handelzalts and his team will start recruiting in Israel shortly after that.

We are looking for international partners from countries not currently represented in INTERSECT so if you are interested in collaborating on this project please contact us on

Last updated 11th January 2021

INTERSECT Research Protocol Registered

The INTERSECT Protocol has been registered on so it is accessible to everyone. If you would like to find out more about INTERSECT you can access it here 

Last updated 11th January 2021