Episode 8 of the podcast series ‘Teaching Here and There’

This is episode 8 of ‘Teaching Here and There’, featuring three university technology managers from the United States. Julie Johnstone, Director of Learning Spaces at Indiana University, Don Merritt, PhD, who is the Director of Instructional Resources at the University of Central Florida and Mark McCallister, Director of Academic Technology at the University of Florida.
In an absorbing and insightful discussion, Dom Pates, James Rutherford and Dr. Ivan Sikora, invited their guests to talk about their experiences, reflections and plans for the design and development of technologies and support for hybrid teaching at their respective institutions. 
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Some key quotes to listen out for:
“I believe that when people come together, they can accomplish just about anything…the collaboration across all the groups was so strong during this crisis where we all had the same goals”
“You could think of it as a re-privileging of the classroom, as the space where learning happens, and more that teaching and learning is really becoming ubiquitous to all of our technologies across the board”
“In order for this to be successful, it has to be learner centred…we can’t let the technology to drive some of our decisions, we need to let our needs drive the technology decisions”
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