Teaching Here and There – A podcast resource for learning more about hybrid teaching

In recent years, the higher education industry has seen a rise in the popularity of hybrid teaching, also known as blended, multimodal, blended synchronous, Hyflex, and equitable model, which is a method of delivering education to students who are both on campus and online. It has become increasingly popular in the higher education sector since the Coronavirus pandemic. However, without proper planning, it can lead to poor student experiences, digital poverty, and accessibility issues. Additionally, it poses challenges for teaching, such as technical operability, course design, and assessment. To overcome these challenges, it is vital to use technology in a thoughtful and pedagogically supported way. Additionally, the shift to online learning provides an opportunity to redesign the curriculum with a greater focus on active learning, which has the potential to enhance educational experiences and increase equity and inclusivity.

Teaching Here and There is a podcast series that is a useful resource for learning more about hybrid teaching and explores these issues, opportunities and real-world experiences. The podcast, which has more than 15 episodes and features guests from all over the world, is hosted by City’s own Dom Pates and James Rutherford, along with Dr. Ivan Sikora, from UWL.

THAT hosts
Ivan, James and Dom

Invitees discuss their involvement with hybrid teaching from their perspectives as academics, learners, technologists, learning designers, psychologists and educationalists. The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to hybrid teaching, such as how to design and implement hybrid courses, how to engage students in hybrid learning, how to use technology effectively in hybrid teaching, and how to assess student learning in hybrid classes. The participants also discuss their triumphs, setbacks, and advice with other educators who want to use hybrid teaching in their own institutions.

The podcast’s depth of conversation between hosts and guests is one of its strengths. The podcast is a fantastic resource for academics, instructional designers, and anyone else interested in hybrid teaching because they delve deeply into the subject and offer insightful analysis.

To sum up, Teaching Here and There is a helpful resource for anyone wanting to learn more about hybrid teaching in higher education. The series offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for educators looking to implement hybrid teaching in their own institutions with a wide range of guests and in-depth discussions. The episodes are accessible on all platforms for podcasts.

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