ISLA Case Study – Hybrid teaching for MSc Food Policy

Click here to see the case study with Dr. Rebecca Wells

LEaD has recently produced a case study video on hybrid teaching with Dr. Rebecca Wells, from MSc food policy. Combining the best of online and in-person instruction, her innovative approach combines the flexibility of online learning with the invaluable experiences offered by in-person teaching, offering students an immersive and dynamic learning experience. Hybrid teaching known as ISLA at City, University of London, goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries, nurturing collaboration, and connectivity on a global scale. Post-graduate Food Policy students can engage with peers from different cultural backgrounds, exchange ideas, and develop a global perspective on food policy challenges.

Dr. Rebecca Wells talks about how the course has benefitted from hybrid teaching as it holds real promise in shaping the next generation of highly skilled professionals who can tackle the complex challenges of food policy across the world.
ISLA at City makes use of digital platforms and in-class technology to provide a tailored learning experience. Adapting to the changing landscape, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of hybrid teaching models, and LEaD’s pedagogic and practical support highlights the importance of inclusive, accessible and resilient educational approaches.

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