December Journal Club theme: Teaching Excellence

Monday 16th December | 12.30 – 13.45 | B310 (LEaD training room)

Here are the references to the two articles and links through the library:

Wood M & Su F (2017) What makes an excellent lecturer? Academics perspectives on the discourse of ‘teaching excellence’ in higher education Teaching in Higher Education 22 (4) pp451-466

Lubicz-Nawrocka T & Bunting K (2019) Student perceptions of teaching excellence: an analysis of student-led teaching award nomination data Teaching in Higher Education 24 (1) pp63-80

To help us with the discussion here are some questions you might like to consider when reading the article:

  • What was the purpose of the research and were the research questions/hypothesis clear?
  • Does the literature review seem thorough and draw on recent literature related to the
    research problem?
  • Is there a theoretical or conceptual model for the research?
  • Is there reference to ethical approval for the study?
  • Was there a clear discussion of how the sample was chosen and the representativeness of the sample to the population as well as details of recruitment?
  • Is the research methodology clearly indicated alongside the data collection tools?
  • Is the analysis of the data clearly outlined?
  • Were the findings clearly presented and discussed?
  • Were any limitations for the study indicated?
  • What are the implications of the research for practice?
  • Has further research been indicated?