Point B: A Short Guide to Leading a Big Change

Peter Bregman (2007) Point B: A Short Guide to Leading a Big Change, Space for Change, New York

Point B book coverChange is notoriously difficult to manage.  This guide won’t make change easy or problem free but it will give great insight, tools and strategies that increase chances of success.

This guide refers to a big change but is relevant to all change on whatever scale.  It is a positive and practical book that focuses on inspiring, engaging and coaching people through change.  Apparently, ‘70% of all corporate change efforts fail’ p.5 because people resist change.  The book recognises that, ‘Change is primarily an emotional issue’ p.50.

Point B was a perspective shifting resource for me in leading institution-wide changes to learning technology as well as smaller projects and managing a team.  It gave me clarity in what my role should be and what skills I need to do this work.  In the current environment, being able to lead, support and manage change are essential capabilities for working in Higher Education.

This vignette provides five things it’s useful to know about leading and managing change according to Point B and a very brief example of the Point B model in action at City University:

Peter Bregman Point B Vignette

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