Day: June 10, 2011

National Centre for Social Research (NatCen)

The Analysis of Qualitative Data. I attended this two-day workshop to extend and refine my skills in qualitative data analysis (QDA). Facilitated by three experienced NatCen researchers in the area of applied social research, the workshop used a wide range of recent studies to introduce the range of skills required to handle large qualitative data…Continue Reading National Centre for Social Research (NatCen)

Viewpoints Learning Design Workshop

This is a brief report on a half day curriculum design workshop hosted here at City University London. The workshop was facilitated by Dr Alan Masson from the University of Ulster and showcased JISC- funded materials and a handbook for promoting curriculum design workshops for academic and other interested staff. The materials are intended to…Continue Reading Viewpoints Learning Design Workshop

Student Voice Award 2010: Elliot Schatzberger, City Law School

Elliot Schatzberger won a student nominated Student Voice Award for the City Law School in 2010. Students reported that: “Elliot Schatzberger is an excellent teacher.  He is not only good at engaging students, but ensures that every word he says sticks in the minds of his pupils.  He is thorough and goes at a great…Continue Reading Student Voice Award 2010: Elliot Schatzberger, City Law School

Ketso Ketso is a beautiful, tactile tool that can be used to run workshops and create action plans.  The main benefit of Ketso is in enabling all participants to have a voice.  The website describes Ketso as “a toolkit for creative and effective engagement. It is designed to encourage creative thinking, and to engage people…Continue Reading Ketso