CitySpace Obituary

Member of staff, School of Informatics

Memories and conversations I have had: in Haiku form and other dialogue snippets. Crashed on sign-in Java update? Again? What the…? Can’t use back button Patch ruins tools Call BlackBoard. Am then told: “You are teaching wrong” Staff whine constantly As if I am responsible for this travesty  “I could make a better platform in a day” Why don’t you then? I would love to see it “I’m not doing it for free! [chortles]” Oh well, back to square one, then  “Why don’t simply hack the code–surely you can get in and change it and deliver the long list of improvements I’ve emailed you over the last term.”  Unfortunately we can’t do that… “[Interrupting] Why not?” Because that would be insane. And you are playing fast and loose with the word ‘improvements’. And doing so would be in breach of our IT contract–not to mention University policy. “…why are you putting up obstacles? Sheesh”

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