10 Top Tips on using Your Teaching Pod

Based on staff feedback from the Pod Evaluation here are a few ideas on using the Pods in your teaching:

  1. Use the pods’ connection to the internet, projected display and audio to bring the outside world into teaching . For example you and your class can view relevant online content such as journal and news articles or streamed videos.
  2. Use the visualiser to enable your whole class to see demonstrations that are too small for those sitting at the back of the class to see. For example, magnify the structure of tiny microchips or demonstrate wave formation in a sealed vessel holding water.
  3. Use the Sympodium Notebook software as your ‘digital flipchart/whiteboard’ that never runs out of paper or whiteboard space!
  4. Use the visualiser to show your entire class processes or objects that are difficult to ‘digitise’. For example use the visualiser to show old maps or historic texts.
  5. Use the pen tool of the Sympodium to annotate or highlight content on a web page, Word document or PowerPoint presentation to help you reiterate or stress a particular teaching point.
  6. For mathematics lecturers – did you know that you can use the Sympodium pen tool and Notebook software to write pages of equations that can be saved as a single PDF to give out to your students?
  7. For groupwork – use the visualiser to allow groups within your class to share their work with the rest of the class.
  8. Use the InkAware features of the Sympodium and the pen tool to create blank ‘on-the-fly’ slides during a PowerPoint presentation that can show, for example, class feedback as the result of an unexpected discussion.
  9. Use the high-resolution display and audio of the pods to play excerpts from DVDs which are relevant to the subject matter you are discussing in class.
  10. Turn the Sympodium around to face the class and invite your students to interact with the content on the screen. For example, ask individuals to use the Sympodium pen to solve equations displayed in a PowerPoint presentation.

If you have more ideas, please do add to this list by comments underneath. Don’t forget to sign up for an Oh My Pod! session so you are aware of all the changes to your teaching Pod.

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